Mike: The Chicken Who Lived Headless

Hey guys!

I know I have been absent for the past few weeks but I have had a lot of stuff going on including mock exams and the like (fun, I know). But after taking a break, I’m going to be frequenting my blog a lot more.

I am also thinking about doing a creepypasta reading series on here that would go up every Wednesday so definitely tell me if that is something you guys would be interested in.

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But without further ado, let’s jump into the post.

On September 10 1945, farmer Lloyd Olsen was sent to kill a chicken for supper. But when the axe came down on the young chicken’s head, it did not die and so ensued a year and a half of sideshow attraction and intrigue.

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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Paranormal YouTuber Michael Scot!

Hey guys!

So, this post is going to be a little different to the content I usually post. Instead of me sitting here and telling you about something that had happened to someone, I’m going to let them tell you themselves – in the form of an interview!

So, I don’t really want to give too much away in this intro so without further ado, let’s jump into the post.

One Youtuber whose videos I have watched from almost the start of his channel is Michael Scot. His videos on the paranormal, ghosts, aliens and monsters are very entertaining and informative to watch and he is definitely someone who fuels my interest in the unknown.

So, imagine my shock and excitement when he liked a Tweet I posted, saying how much I was looking forward to his new video series. Now multiply that excitement by 1,000,000,000 and that is how I felt when he told me he had followed my Twitter (which, by the way, you can find over at @Eerie_Unsolved).

(I will be honest and admit that I did fangirl … quite a lot!)

In my reckless state of excitement, I sent him a Direct Message, asking if it would be possible for me to ask him a few questions and kind of interview him for my blog. After I had sent the message, I instantly regretted it and feared that I seemed way too eager and that he was going to dismiss the request as ‘just another fangirl’ sort of thing.

But he didn’t.

Instead, he replied and said that he was totally up for doing an interview so I sent him some questions and he took the time to sit down and answer them for me.

I really hope that you guys are as excited to read the answers to my questions as I am about sharing them with you guys.

This was an amazing opportunity and I hope that I will have the opportunity to interview more people that inspire me in the future.

But let’s jump into this interview

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The Horrifying Unsolved Murders of Hinterkaifeck

Hey guys!

Here we are, back at it with another blog post! This week, I put a poll up on Twitter asking you guys what you wanted to see next and the results told me that you wanted to see a post about an unsolved murder, so here we are.

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A quick reminder that I am still looking for YOUR stories so be sure to send them to me via a DM, the contact page here or to my email, eerieunsolved.stories@gmail.com.

I am also looking for questions for an upcoming Q & A post so be sure to send me those as well!

But without further ado, let’s jump into the post.

On the evening of March 31st, 1922, in an area known today as Waidhofen in Bavaria, Germany, 6 individuals were murdered by a still-unknown assailant at their farm, Hinterkaifeck.

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Veronica (2017) : Movie Analysis and True Story Comparison

Hey guys!

I know I haven’t uploaded in a few weeks, and I apologise for that, but I think this post will certainly make up for it.

After holding a poll on twitter – which, if you don’t already follow me, you definitely should ( @Eerie_Unsolved ) – it was decided that I was going to do a review of the 2017 movie ‘Veronica’.

One quick thing before we get into this post, I want to hear from you guys what kind of post you want to see next week. Do you want something paranormal, some conspiracy theory, a true crime post or another movie/documentary review. Please, comment down below what you want or send me a DM on Twitter.

I can’t wait to hear from you guys!

*This post WILL contain spoilers so if you are planning on watching the film, do NOT read this post*

To kick things off, I do not believe that ‘Veronica’ lived up to the hype that it received. It was titled as a film so scary that viewers were not able to watch the whole thing and had to turn it off halfway through. I am, quite possibly, the biggest chicken there is when it comes to horror films, despite the fact that I love the true stories behind them, and yet, I was able to watch the movie the whole way through in one sitting. Sure, there were a few moments that made me jump, but nothing that made me want to turn it off and stop watching.

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The Eerie History of Alcatraz Island||EXCLUSIVE Interview with Breaking Paranormal UK!

Hey guys!

So, I know that I told you that this week’s blog post would be a really interesting read and I think it will be but before we jump into the post, I just want to remind you that you can now contact me on Twitter!

Remember, I am still looking for your stories so don’t hesitate to send them to me via Twitter DMs, through the contact form below, in the comments of this- or any other – post or by email to eerieunsolved.stories@gmail.com

Also, this post is especially exciting for me as it is the first post where I have had the opportunity to interview somebody for the sake of a post!

This week, I had the incredible opportunity to interview the members of Breaking Paranormal UK, a group of paranormal investigators. They have recently visited the US and had the amazing opportunity to visit Alcatraz Island, the Winchester Mystery House and Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum!

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Could A Zombie Apocalypse Really Happen?

Hey guys!

So here is the final post of this week. I hope you’ve all had a brilliant weekend and can now sit down, chill out and read about how the zombie apocalypse might actually happen.

I am still looking for YOUR stories of the paranormal so be scared to send them to me by one of the ways down below or post them in the comments down below:

Twitter: @Eerie_Unsolved

Email: eerieunsolved.stories@gmail.com

Without further ado, lets jump into this post!

Zombies are, undeniably, the most clichéd creature used in horror films. Of course, there are TV shows such as The Walking Dead and movies such as 28 Days Later that have put their own spin on the creatures but zombies have become a walking, or rather shambling, cliché.

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Storytime: My Imaginary Friend Was A GHOST?!

Hey guys!

So this is the second post out of the three that I am going to be posting this week to make up for the three weeks that I hadn’t posted.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, Eerie Unsolved now has a Twitter over at https://twitter.com/Eerie_Unsolved so by all means, follow me over there to partake in polls and send me ideas for what to post next.

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But without further ado, let’s jump into this crazy storytime.

So, when I was around four or five years old, I had what my parents labelled as an ‘imaginary friend’. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary for a young child to have imaginary friends, especially if they have very active imaginations, which I definitely did, and so they kind of just dismissed it a ‘kid thing’ and left me to it.

As I was so young at the time that it all happened, I don’t really remember much of it but I’ve heard the story a few times.

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The Chilling Legend of ‘Sally in the Woods’

Hey guys!

I know that I haven’t posted for three weeks (THREE WEEKS?!?!?!) and I’m super super sorry for that but I do come back bearing some very interesting/good/awesome news.

Eerie Unsolved now has Twitter!

I created the account yesterday and I feel like it’s going to help build our family up and give this blog some more exposure.

This is the Twitter account and I would appreciate it if you could follow me on there and help me towards my goal of 100 followers by the end of August.

So, after I created the account, I put up a post talking about how I’ve always wanted to do a paranormal investigation at 30 East Drive but how I’m way too scared to and I mentioned the guys off Most Haunted on the tweet.


Don’t believe me?


Yeah, as you can imagine, I was fangirling a little bit and then, this happened:


Yes, both the YouTuber Paranormal Kativity and Stuart Torevell from Most Haunted have followed me! I’m fangirling like crazy right now and it would mean so much to me if you guys could go and join them over on Twitter, I would really appreciate it!

Also, I am still looking for true paranormal stories from you guys for my upcoming series so you can either send them to me through:


Or by filling out this form:


Or by sending me a DM over on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Eerie_Unsolved

This post is going to be quite short – well, shorter than usual – as the content that I am exploring is a bit shorter than my other posts as there is less detail known about it.

But without further ado, let’s jump into this post.

Located 20 minutes away from Bath University, a road known as ‘Sally in the Woods’ dissects Brown’s Folly, an area of woodland that is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a young gypsy girl who was murdered in the 18th century.

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‘They’re Not Human’: My Opinions on the Viral Voicemail Conspiracies

Hey Guys!

I know a lot of you probably just skip over reading this and if that’s what you want to do then go right ahead but there were just some things I wanted to run by you all.

For starters, I want to remind you that I am asking you guys to contribute some stories for an upcoming series. They can be any story, whether it happened to you recently or when you were younger but I must ask that they are true to the best of your knowledge and that if your story involves other people, you have the permission of those in the story for the story to be publicised. Nonetheless, I can’t wait for you guys to send me your stories and you can do that either by sending me an email through eerieunsolved.stories@gmail.com or fill out the form below and send it to me!

Another thing I quickly want to say is that I am thinking about doing a weekly news report of weird news stories. I was thinking of doing that on a Sunday and then doing my regular posts on a Wednesday instead. But I want to hear what you guys think so leave your thoughts down in the comments section below.

But without further ado, let’s get into the post.

Sierra Delta Alpha November Golf Echo Romeo Sierra Oscar Sierra India Tango India Sierra Delta India Romeo Echo Foxtrot Oscar Romeo Yankee Oscar Uniform Tango Oscar Echo Victor Alpha Charlie Uniform Alpha Tango Echo Bravo Echo Charlie Alpha Uniform Tango India Oscar Uniform Sierra Tango Hotel Echo Yankee Alpha Romeo Echo November Oscar Tango Hotel Uniform Mike Alpha November


Sierra Oscar Sierra Delta Alpha November Golf Echo Romeo Sierra Oscar Sierra

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The Haunting of the RMS ‘Queen Mary’

Hey guys, I hope you are well. I know that I have been M.I.A for the past few weeks and don’t worry, I definitely haven’t ran short of stories to tell you or haunted places to explore the history of but I have just been busy with coursework. But now that I’m on break, I’m hoping that the next three posts will be consistent and hopefully, this will be an incentive for me to start being more frequent in my postings once again.

Another thing that I want to ask of you before we jump into this post is that I am hoping to start a series on here consisting of your true, creepy stories sent in to me at the email address eerieunsolved.stories@gmail.com (copy and paste into the ‘To’ line of email) so just send me an email with your story in it. Please put your name and whether or not you want me to use your real name in the post (if you do not state, I will change the name). Alternatively, you can send me an email through the contact form below or through the contact page. I am hoping to start this series at the end of April/early May and I’m hoping to put three to five stories in each one. The target of this series is to both share your stories and, if it is a continuing problem, see if other members of our family here can offer advice on how to proceed with your problem. Please, whether new or old, long or short, send me your story; I really want to connect with you guys a lot more.

Anyways, that’s all I really have to say for now so please, let’s get into this post.

‘Today we come to the happy task of sending on her way the stateliest ship now in being. It has been the nation’s will that she will be completed , and today we can send her forth no longer a number on the books, but a ship with a name in the world, alive with beauty, energy and strength! May her life be among great waters spread friendship among the nations!’

~ King George V on the Launch of the Queen Mary

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A Mix-Up of Mysteries, Conspiracie and All Things Spooky!