Storytime: I Had a BIZARRE Dream!

Last night, i had a BIZZARE dream in which I think I saw La Llorona


Should Murderers Under 18 Be Granted Lifelong Anonymity?

Hey guys. I hope you are all well. This week's post is going to be a little different to the kind of posts that I usually publish as instead of a case or a theory, it's going to be my opinion on a rather controversial issue that has made its way into the media this... Continue Reading →

‘Dear David’: My Views on the Viral Ghost Story

For the past 6 months, the paranormal enthusiasts of the internet have been obsessed with a viral ghost story about a New Yorker by the name of Adam Ellis being haunted by a 'ghost boy' by the name of David. But with story gaining traction and with it, a lot of controversy, I thought it would finally be time to explore my opinions about the story.

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