Screamfest 2018 – Review

Screamfest UK is an annual Halloween fright night held at National Forest Adventure Farm near Burton-upon-Trent, UK.

I happened to have stumble across a video on YouTube that someone had uploaded of a vlog from last year and I thought it looked really cool so I decided to book tickets for it – which were very reasonably priced as well, might I add.

It hosts five different scare attractions, all of which are based on a different theme. They are:

  • Insomnia – Imagine being stuck in a young child’s nightmare … and not being able to wake up.
  • Love Hurts – Enter and find your true love … just hope you are not one of the ones rejected.
  • Freakout – Enter the funhouse but watch out for the cuckoo clowns.
  • Demonica – You have sinned … and now you must face the realm of Demonica.
  • Dia de los Meurtos – Enter the corn maze for an evening of celebrations … but watch out for the gang members that have broken out of the nearby jail.

The way I’m going to set this out is I’m going to do a brief review of each scare (spoiler free, don’t worry) and then give an overall review of the evening as a whole.

1. Freakout

This was the first attraction that I went through when I got to the farm. Using strobe lighting and smoke machines, the special effects really made for a good scare, along with the demonic looking clowns. Maybe it was just me who thought they looked demonic, because I am petrified of clowns anyway, but I know they made everyone jump multiple times throughout the attraction. They varied from women in face paint to full-on clown costumes with creepy, exaggerated smiles, and this range of scare actors really made the attraction all the more scarier – you had no idea what was going to be around each corner. As with all of the scares, the scare actors weren’t shy about getting right in my face to scare me and boy did it work, haha.

Out of the five attractions I would rate this as a 4/5 as it was definitely fear inducing and set my heart beating 1000x faster than usual.

2. Lovehurts

Lovehurts was the second attraction that I went to. Taking inspiration from all of the reality dating shows on TV at the moment, this attraction was based on ‘finding true love’ in the Sewageworks! Again, the use of strobe lighting and smoke machines really added to the atmosphere and with the use of sprinklers, really made me feel like I was in a dingy sewer. This time, most scares came from loud noises or growls and was definitely spooky! Top it all off with the reveal of the bachelor at the end and it really made for a scary experience.

I would rate this attraction a 2/5 – it was scary but I felt like it just missed the substance that the other attractions had.

3. Insomnia

New for 2018, Insomnia worked on the idea of a young child’s nightmare. Dark, twisting corridors and subtle details added to an overall sense of dread and paranoia within this attraction. Playing on the idea of, once again, clowns and the boogeman, the attraction followed the progression of a nightmare from the dread, to the fear, to the relief when it is all over.

I would rate this attraction a solid 4/5 because it had a good plot that it followed and it was definitely creepy!

4. Dia de los Meurtos

This attraction was definitely my favourite out of all of them! It began with a wagon-rise through the farm to the start of the maze. During the ride, a fake news story sets the scene for the attraction. The scare actors in this one were amazing ad with just the right balance between humour and horror, he mood definitely shifted the further into the maze I went.

I would rate this attraction a 5/5 as it was just so awesome and had so many different elements to it!!

5. Demonica

‘You have sinned and for that, you must now face the realm of Demonica’…

With such a dramatic opening line, I was prepared for a scary experience. Set mostly in the dark, this attraction definitely had an eerie feeling about it! The scare actors wore mask that were, quite frankly, terrifying, and I had a guy walking through the attraction behind me who I did not know but who decided to scare the hell out of me by screaming down my ear – he wasn’t even a scare actor!

I would rate this a 4.5/5 because although it was scary and had some sort of story that it was following, it just didn’t quite compare to the corn maze.

Overall, I would definitely recommend going to Screamfest in October/November 2019. If you like horror, this is definitely a night out that you would enjoy!

And that’s all I have for you today folks.

Until next time,

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INTERVIEW with Paranormal Youtuber KYELUH!

Today, I have had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing paranormal YouTuber Kyeluh. She creates awesome paranormal content so you guys should definitely go and check her channel out and show her some love because she really deserves it!

  1. At what age did you become interested in the paranormal?

    There was never one specific day that I became interested in it, and I think that’s because of growing up in a house that was so haunted. I don’t ever remember a time not believing in things that go bump in the night, I always felt a pull to it even though it was terrifying. When there was a scary movie on TV I always wanted to watch it, when adults would tell scary stories I always wanted to hear it. As soon as I was at an age where I had freedom I always wanted to go to cemeteries and look for spooky things to do. It’s just always been an interest!

  2. How did you find out what ghosts were?

    My family was very religious so my mom would always try to explain to me that whatever it was, was evil and that I was protected against it. My family never believed that ghosts were once people but that they were demons. I don’t believe that way now, but I still don’t know what ghosts are. I THINK they’re spirits of people that passed away and I’ll continue to try and search for answers.

  3. What/who inspired you to create a YouTube channel?

    I originally started my channel with a different path in mind because I didn’t know paranormal YouTube was even a thing! I decided to upload a paranormal experience video because I always had things happen and it was Halloween, so I actually found all of my favorite paranormal channels after I had already started posting my own experiences.

  4. Would you go back to the Sallie House to investigate further?

    The energy there was so intense and I know there’s so much more to be explored there. I’d totally go back!

  5. What was it like doing a paranormal investigation with Michael Scot?

    Michael Scot is absolutely incredible, so professional and REAL. He was so wonderful to investigate with and I feel so lucky that I got to hunt with him! His passion for what he does is so contagious and he’s truly someone I look up to in this community.

  6. What is the most convincing piece of paranormal evidence that you, or someone you know, have captured?

    It’s so hard to pick just one, so what I thought about at the top of my head was the whistling and voices some friends and I caught on a digital recorder back in 2012 at the crescent hotel. It was the first time I ever had REAL evidence of something paranormal. It was so exciting!

  7. What are your top 5 favourite horror movies?

    My top 5 favorite horror movies would have to be ‘The Ring’, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘The Visit’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Others’! It’s so hard to just pick 5 though because I also LOVE ‘The Babadook’ and ‘The Sixth Sense’.

  8. What advice would you offer to someone who wanted to start doing paranormal investigations?

    Trust your instinct. That’s the most important thing in paranormal investigations to keep yourself protected. Also, always be respectful to the spirits and your surroundings, and make sure you have permission to investigate or that the location you are hunting is safe.

  9. What is you go-to piece of paranromal investigative equipment?

    This may sound weird, but myself. With all of the paranormal investigation equipment I’ve ever used one of the best has been my own body because I’ve always been super sensitive to it. But when it comes to evidence for other people, having a really sensitive digital recorder is incredible. I’ve caught so many voices on them that my camera did not!

  10. What is your scariest paranormal experience?

    My scariest paranormal experience happened to me when I was a child in my own neighborhood late at night. I told the experience on my channel years ago, and it still scares me to even talk about it. A boyfriend and I were sitting on my front porch and we both saw one of the most confusing things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. It was a green smokey figure across the street from us in my neighbors yard floating in her garden. I never expect anyone to believe me when I mention it because it’s hard to believe it myself even still. My mom saw it as well and none of us were ever able to forget it.

  11. What was it like growing up in a haunted house?

    Terrifying. I always hated nights and could never sleep, so I’d lay awake in my bed wondering if it would be one of those nights where something happened. My sister and I shared a room for years and it was a frequent event for the two of us to hear something and go running to our parents crying. We hated nights in that house and sometimes I remember what it felt like living there and it gives me chills.

  12. How old were you when you had your first paranormal experience and what was it?

    I’m not sure how old I was because I was so young, and I’m not sure which experience is actually my first. It’s either the time I saw the two “boys” while I was playing in my backyard, or when I saw a smokey figure come from behind my bedroom door and disappear. I was so little when those things happened that I’m not entirely sure how old I was at the time.

  13. Have you ever experienced a positive paranormal experience and if so, what was it?

    I have! When we stayed in the crescent hotel in 2012, we got some of the most fascinating evidence communicating with a spirit we believed to be Theodora. She is who I believe kept whistling while we were there and her presence actually felt calming. She also visited the only guy that was with us(she’s known to be drawn to men) and made the entire room smell like perfume.

  14. Have you ever experienced a demonic paranormal experience and if so, what was it?

    I don’t think I’ve experienced anything demonic to my knowledge. But I can’t say I’m complaining!

  15. What reactions do you get when people find out about your interest in the paranormal?

    Most of the time I always got positive reactions when I’d talk about it, maybe some of my friends growing up didn’t like talking about things because it scared them. But for the most part people didn’t seem to judge me for it, at least to my face!

  16. Do you believe in any conspiracy theories and if so, which ones?

    I believe in the 911 conspiracy theories for sure, and that they faked the moon landing. I can’t say I believe the flat earth theory but I did watch a convincing video on it that actually made my head hurt! I kept repeating myself, “Don’t let yourself believe it, Kyla! Don’t be a crazy flat earther!”

  17. Describe your feelings towards the paranormal in one word.


  18. Have you ever seen the apparition of, or felt the presence of, a loved one?

    I haven’t lost many loved ones luckily so no, I haven’t experienced this. My cat recently passed away and I find myself wishing I could have some sort of experience that let me know she was with me, but I haven’t.

  19. If you could make one creature/legend/myth real, which would it be and why?

    Its like I don’t want Bloody Mary to be real but also, I do! I just want to meet her. I’m pretty sure I would have regrets but in my mind it sounds like a great time!

  20. Do you own any haunted items and if you do, have you ever had any experience with them?

    I don’t own any haunted items, but I have a bunch of old porcelain dolls that I used to collect and had set up in my haunted house. There’s this one doll that as a little girl was convinced could see me. Her eyes would glow red if the light hit them just right and she just gave me an odd uncomfortable feeling. I’m not sure why exactly but I kept her and she still creeps me out.

  21. What is the creepiest unsolved mystery you know of and what are your opinions towards the case?

    Elisa Lam! I’ve watched so many videos on her disappearance and it creeps me out so bad what happened to her and how nothing makes any sense. Plus that video of her and the elevator is so creepy! It’s so intriguing because every logical answer about what could have happened to her makes no sense, so it just feels like there was more to it and that it was paranormal.

Thanks for reading guys, I really hope that you guys enjoyed this post!

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Also, a huge thank you to Kyeluh for taking the time to do this interview, it really means a lot and you guys should definitely go and check her out!

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Interview with Paranormal Youtuber PARANORMAL KATIVITY

Hey guys!

After my abrupt end to my ’31 Days of Halloween’ series, I would just like to take a few seconds of your time to explain why I stopped posting:

So as I have reverted back to posting once a week, here is this weeks post, an interview with the wonderful @ParanormalKativity. Definitely go and check her out on Twitter and also go a subscribe to her YouTube channel. She creates awesome videos on spooky stuff, especially unsolved phenomena and creepy unboxing videos – go to her channel here.

But without further ado, let’s jump into the post…

1. What is your scariest paranormal experience?
My scariest paranormal experience was when my cousin and I stayed at her family’s beach house and had to leave early due to so much activity. I wish so much now that I could re-live that experience and try and record evidence or do more research in such an active environment, but at the time we were much younger and not in a paranormal investigation mindset. We were so caught up in experiencing the activity that we didn’t think about anything besides getting our things and getting out of there. We saw apparitions, heard phantom voices, music, and singing, and we saw lights flash and objects move. It truly was amazing and if time travel ever exists, I am going back to try and capture it all on video!
2. What is the experience that made you believe in the paranormal?
I have always been a believer. It’s probably because my earliest memories have to do with my imaginary friend, the shadow man. Finding out at an early age that my imaginary friend had information my deceased uncle knew and being told I couldn’t play with him anymore was enough to make anyone curious about what else exists that we just can’t perceive.
3. Do you believe that dowsing rods, pendulums, etc, can be used to communicate with spirits?
I feel that dowsing rods, pendulums, and all other tools that involve physical contact to make them move are tools to tap into your own intuition. Could YOU be able to gain information from somewhere else and have the answers manifest physically through you? It may be possible, but I think if that’s the case, you could develop your intuition to a point that you could get that same information directly without the use of tools. Having said that, I don’t think that any time those tools move that you are getting a message from beyond. Those tools are all very easily manipulated, both intentionally and unconsciously. I think they are very interesting and fun to experiment with, but the information you get from them should always be looked at skeptically.
4. What are your opinions on the Simulation Theory?
I think it’s super interesting! Anything is possible!
5. Have you ever experienced a ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ and if so, what happened?
I have experienced many “glitches” over the years! A couple of my favorites include driving past the same intersection twice while still driving straight down the same street, and when my cell phone called my home phone and my friends phone while no one was touching it out in my car. Those stories I go into in full in videos on my channel as well!
(You can find those videos here)
6. What inspired you to create a YouTube channel?
I loved watching other people sharing their paranormal experiences, and one day I decided that I should do the same! Plus, all of my friends had already heard all of my spooky stores before, so I thought it would be cool to share them with people who might be able to relate!
7. If you could talk to a ghost and get fully coherent answers, but you only three questions, what would you ask?
Who am speaking to? How are you communicating with me? Do you have anything you want to tell me? (I would hope that through those questions I could prove what occurred, get some kind of idea of what speaking to someone we can’t physically perceive really means (because a ghost is kind of a catch-all term), and find out why this communication was happening with me in the first place) If I ran out of questions, I would try and say Thank You before they left.
8. Have you ever seen the apparition of a loved one? If so, what happened?
I can’t say 100% for sure that I have. I have had a lot of experiences that could be attributed to loved ones, but not that appeared that way so I can’t say for sure.
9. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start doing paranormal investigations?
I would say to have fun, be careful with protecting your energies, and don’t worry about having specific equipment, because you really can learn a lot with very little.
10. What conspiracy theories, if any, do you believe in?
I like to think I entertain all of them! I don’t know if I 100% believe in any of them though.The only one that comes to mind that was just not for me would be the flat earth theory.
11. What is your most recent paranormal experience?
I record all of my experiences on you YouTube channel and haven’t had any since my most recent paranormal update.
12. What is the scariest/most unexplainable experience you have had with Ina and Lorelei?
My dolls are super chill. I think they like it here so really, the minimal activity I got when they first arrived has seemed to have stopped…for now.
13. What is your favourite item in your Cabinet of Curiosities and why?
I can’t choose a favorite item in my cabinet. I love my herbs, stones, fragrance oils, art, gifts and letters from people who have connected with me from YouTube… it all means so much to me!
14. What is the top 5 horror films you would recommend to someone?
Elvira Mistress of the Dark (because it’s my favorite for so many reasons), Tales from the Darkside & Trick-R-Treat, because I love anthologies, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Little Shop of Horrors because they are my favorite musicals and are horror movies too!
15. What are your opinions on ghost hunting shows such as Ghost Adventures and Most Haunted?
I love paranormal TV shows. They are thoroughly entertaining and give you a chance to see haunted locations you may not see otherwise. Now the legitimacy of the shows is another thing, but I do think you get moments of genuine activity which are really cool!
Thank you so much Kat for taking the time to answer these questions, it really means a lot to me!
You guys should definitely go and check her out here and tell her that you came from Eerie Unsolved.
But until next time guys,
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Third Man Syndrome

Who is the third who walks always beside you?
When I count, there are only you and I together
But when I look ahead up the white road
There is always another one walking beside you
Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded
I do not know whether a man or a woman
— But who is that on the other side of you?

This is a poem written by T.S Eliot; the poem is called The Wasteland. It is based on the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who claimed that he had experienced ‘Third Man Syndrome’ during the final leg of his journey in the mountains of South Georgia.

Third Man Syndrome is when an individual feels and unseen presence with them, whom provides comfort and/or support during traumatic or dangerous times.

Shackleton wrote in his book South:

During that long and racking march of thirty-six hours over the unnamed mountains and glaciers of South Georgia, it seemed to me often that we were four, not three.

The publication of this admission resulted in survivors of other extreme hardship to come forward and share similar experiences.

Some examples of similar stories include Frank Smythe, one of the first climbers of Mt. Everest, who claimed to feel a presence with him after the last of his companions had turned back; the presence felt so real that he even broke off some mint cake and tried to give it to them before realising that they weren’t there.

Another example is that of Peter Hillary, who was on an expedition to the South Pole in 1998 when he claimed that he was accompanied by his mother, who had died in a car crash 20 years prior.

It was found that the group in which it was most likely to occur in was climbers, with sailors and shipwreck survivors second, followed by polar explorers.

This presence is often described as a guardian angel or an imaginary friend of sorts.

It is reasonable to think that the presence may be a defence mechanism however, such feelings are reported in much less dramatic scenarios.

For example, the feeling of an unknown presence is common in both sleep paralysis and even Parkinson’s disease.

What is interesting is that individuals who have experienced brain injuries and experience third man syndrome seem to all have damaged their temporoprietal junction (TPJ).

The TPJ has been found to play an important role in how we see our self image. So could third man syndrome be a projection of ones self as a defence mechanism.

I would love to hear your thoughts of what third man syndrome really is so be sure to leave me a comment down below!

If you want to hear more about Third Man Syndrome then definitely check out Paranormal Kativity’s video: 

And that’s all I have for you today…

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The Unsolved Deaths Of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon

I am looking for YOUR stories for a followers story so be sure to send them to me either via the contact page down below, the comments section or send me a DM on Twitter. 


Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon were two Dutch students who died either on or shortly after April 1, 2014, whilst out hiking in Panama.

Lisanne Froon

Born September 24 1991 – Amersfoot, Netherlands

Disappeared April 1 2014 (aged 22) – Boquete, Chiriqui

Status Human Remains Found

Nationality Dutch

Height 184cm (6ft 0in)

Parents Diny Froon; Peter Froon

Froon was described as aspiring, optimistic and intelligent; it was also stated that she was a passionate volleyball player.

Kris Kremers

Born August 9 1992 (Amersfoot, Netherlands)

Disappeared April 1 2014 (aged 21) – Boquete, Chiriqui

Status Human Remains Found

Nationality Dutch

Height 167cm (5ft 6in)

Parents Roelie Grit; Hans Kremers

Kremers was decribed as open, creative and responsible.

Both of the girls had grown up in Amersfoot and Froon had not long graduated with a degree in Applied Sciences from Deventer the previous September. Kremers had also just completed her studies in Cultural Social Education, specialising in Art Education, at the University of Utrecht.

Only a few weeks prior to the girls leaving for Panama, Froon had moved in with Kremers in a dorm room in Amersfoot and they both worked at a cafe/restaurant In den Kleinan Hap.

Both girls had been saving up money for six months prior to their journey and planned to go to Panama on a special trip to learn Spanish. They also planned on volunteering, hoping to work primarily with children.

The journey was also supposed to be a graduation present for Froon.

Kremers and Froon arrived in Panama for a six-week vacation on March 15 2014. The two girls toured Panama for two weeks before arriving in Boquete on March 29 to live with a local family for a month whilst volunteering with children in the village.

On April 1, the women went joking with their hosts’ dog, leaving at around 11.00am near the clouded forests that surrounded the Baru volcano, possibly the trail of Pianista, not far from Boquete.

The two girls wrote on their Facebook that they intended to walk around Boquete and it was reported that they had been seen having lunch with two young Dutch men before embarking on their hike.

The womens’ hosts became worried when their dog returned home later that day when their dog returned home without Kremers and Froon. In addition to this, Froon’s parents stopped receiving texts from their daughter, which they had been receiving daily.

On the morning of April 2, Froon and Kremers missed an appointment with a local guide. On April 3, authorities began aerial searches of the forests and even local residents began searching for the young women.

On April 6, Kremers’ and Froon’s parents arrived in Panama, along with police, dog units, and detectives from the Netherlands, all prepared to conduct a full-scale search of the forest for ten days. They also offered $30,000 reward money for any information on the whereabouts or the fate of their daughters.

The Backpack

Ten weeks later, a local woman turned in a backpack that ended up belonging to Lisanne Froon. She claims that she found the bag in a rice paddy by a riverbank near her village of Alto Romero in the Bocas del Toro region of Panama. She also claimed that it had not been at the paddy the day before.

It was found that the backpack contained two pairs of sunglasses, $38 USD in cash, Froon’s passport, a water bottle, Froon’s camera, two bras, and both of the womens’ phones. All of these items were packed, dry, and in good condition. Research into the womens’ phones showed that for some hours after the start of their hike, someone had dialled 112 (the international emergency number) and 911 (the Panama emergency number).

Date of Call

iPhone 4 (Kremers)

Samsung Galaxy S III (Froon)

1 April

16:39 – attempt 1 (112)

16:51 – attempt 1 (112)

2 April

18:14 – attempt 2 (112)

06:58 – attempt 2 (112)

10:53 – attempt 3 (112 & 911)

3 April

09:33 – attempt 3 (911)

16:00 – check signal 1

13:50 – check signal 1

16:19 – check signal 2

4 April

09:33 – check signal 2

13:42 – check signal 3

no activity

5 April

10:50 – check signal 4

13:37 – check signal 5

04:50 – check signal 3

05:56 – switch on; battery empty; no further activity

6 April

10:26 – check signal 6 (no PIN)

13:37 – check signal 7 (no PIN)

11 April

10:51 – check signal 8 (no PIN)

11:56 – switched off after 1:05 h; no further activity

Further evidence showed that Froon’s camera contained photos from April 1 suggesting that the two women had taken the trail overlooking the Continental Divide and that they had wandered into the wilderness hours before their first attempt to dial 911; the photos showed nothing abnormal or unusual in their expressions.

April 8, ninety flash photos had been taken on the camera between 1.00 and 4.00 am, seemingly deep in the forest and in near-complete darkness.

Some of the most notable photos on the camera were:

  • Some photos with twigs, plastic bags and candy wrappers on top of a rock.
  • One shows what looks like toilet paper and a mirror on another rock.
  • Another shows the back of Kremers’ head with what looks like blood on her temple.

The discovery of Froon’s backpacks led to new searches along Culebra. For example, Kremers’ jean shorts were found zipped up and neatly folded neatly atop a rock on the opposite band of the tributary a few kilometres away from where the backpack had been found. Despite this, witnesses later claimed that that the jeans were not folded neatly but, in fact, found in the river itself.

Two months after this, close to where the backpack was found, a pelvis and a boot were found with a foot still in it. Soon after this, thirty-three widely scattered bones were discovered along the same stretch of river and DNA testing confirmed that the bones did in fact belong to Kremers and Froon.

Froon’s bones still had some skin attached to them but Kremers’ bones appeared to have been leached. A Panamanian forensic anthropologists later claimed that under magnification, ‘there are no discernible scratches of any kind on the bones, neither of natural or cultural origin – there are no marks on the bones at all’.


There are two main theories about what happened to the two girls – either murder or accidental deaths. Both seem to have their fair share of ‘evidence’ to support them.

Accidental Death

One theory is that the girls lost their way whilst hiking. Because of this, it is believed that they could not escape the harsh conditions of the wilderness and somehow fell into the river. The river then dragged the girls and they drowned. It is believed that one girl got hurt or died first, and that this was followed by the other. It is possible that one of the girls was already dead when the ninety flash photos were taken and experts believed that these photos may have been way for the surviving girls to document what had happened to them, almost like a record of events.


The circumstances behind the deaths were rather suspicious  and as well as evaluation, there is a lot of evidence that suggests that the girls were in fact murdered. The local law enforcement did not conduct a serious investigation into the case as they were scared of hurting the tourism.

It was argued that the the bleaching of the bones and the total fragmentation of the bodies did not logically link the case to accidental deaths.

It was noted that the way in which the bodies were treated mirrored how Mexican cartels disposed of their victims’ bodies and experts say that that the girls’ remains have striking similarities.

It is also possible that a serial killer is roaming Boquete are as over two dozens other unsolved killings and disappearances occurred in the same area of Panama over eight years – with more than two thirds of the cases coming since 2014, when Lisanne and Kris went missing.

And that’s all I have for you today folks.

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