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Third Man Syndrome – 31 Days of Halloween #9

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Who is the third who walks always beside you?
When I count, there are only you and I together
But when I look ahead up the white road
There is always another one walking beside you
Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded
I do not know whether a man or a woman
— But who is that on the other side of you?

This is a poem written by T.S Eliot; the poem is called The Wasteland. It is based on the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who claimed that he had experienced ‘Third Man Syndrome’ during the final leg of his journey in the mountains of South Georgia.

Third Man Syndrome is when an individual feels and unseen presence with them, whom provides comfort and/or support during traumatic or dangerous times.

Shackleton wrote in his book South:

During that long and racking march of thirty-six hours over the unnamed mountains and glaciers of South Georgia, it seemed to me often that we were four, not three.

The publication of this admission resulted in survivors of other extreme hardship to come forward and share similar experiences.

Some examples of similar stories include Frank Smythe, one of the first climbers of Mt. Everest, who claimed to feel a presence with him after the last of his companions had turned back; the presence felt so real that he even broke off some mint cake and tried to give it to them before realising that they weren’t there.

Another example is that of Peter Hillary, who was on an expedition to the South Pole in 1998 when he claimed that he was accompanied by his mother, who had died in a car crash 20 years prior.

It was found that the group in which it was most likely to occur in was climbers, with sailors and shipwreck survivors second, followed by polar explorers.

This presence is often described as a guardian angel or an imaginary friend of sorts.

It is reasonable to think that the presence may be a defence mechanism however, such feelings are reported in much less dramatic scenarios.

For example, the feeling of an unknown presence is common in both sleep paralysis and even Parkinson’s disease.

What is interesting is that individuals who have experienced brain injuries and experience third man syndrome seem to all have damaged their temporoprietal junction (TPJ).

The TPJ has been found to play an important role in how we see our self image. So could third man syndrome be a projection of ones self as a defence mechanism.

I would love to hear your thoughts of what third man syndrome really is so be sure to leave me a comment down below!

If you want to hear more about Third Man Syndrome then definitely check out Paranormal Kativity’s video: 

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The Unsolved Deaths Of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon – 31 Days of Halloween #8

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So today, I’m going to do a true crime post.

I don’t really know how to preface these posts anymore because usually, I’d update you on what has happened through the week but with me doing this every day, I don’t really have a lot to update you on anymore.

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Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon were two Dutch students who died either on or shortly after April 1, 2014, whilst out hiking in Panama.

Lisanne Froon

Born September 24 1991 – Amersfoot, Netherlands

Disappeared April 1 2014 (aged 22) – Boquete, Chiriqui

Status Human Remains Found

Nationality Dutch

Height 184cm (6ft 0in)

Parents Diny Froon; Peter Froon

Froon was described as aspiring, optimistic and intelligent; it was also stated that she was a passionate volleyball player.

Kris Kremers

Born August 9 1992 (Amersfoot, Netherlands)

Disappeared April 1 2014 (aged 21) – Boquete, Chiriqui

Status Human Remains Found

Nationality Dutch

Height 167cm (5ft 6in)

Parents Roelie Grit; Hans Kremers

Kremers was decribed as open, creative and responsible.

Both of the girls had grown up in Amersfoot and Froon had not long graduated with a degree in Applied Sciences from Deventer the previous September. Kremers had also just completed her studies in Cultural Social Education, specialising in Art Education, at the University of Utrecht.

Only a few weeks prior to the girls leaving for Panama, Froon had moved in with Kremers in a dorm room in Amersfoot and they both worked at a cafe/restaurant In den Kleinan Hap.

Both girls had been saving up money for six months prior to their journey and planned to go to Panama on a special trip to learn Spanish. They also planned on volunteering, hoping to work primarily with children.

The journey was also supposed to be a graduation present for Froon.

Kremers and Froon arrived in Panama for a six-week vacation on March 15 2014. The two girls toured Panama for two weeks before arriving in Boquete on March 29 to live with a local family for a month whilst volunteering with children in the village.

On April 1, the women went joking with their hosts’ dog, leaving at around 11.00am near the clouded forests that surrounded the Baru volcano, possibly the trail of Pianista, not far from Boquete.

The two girls wrote on their Facebook that they intended to walk around Boquete and it was reported that they had been seen having lunch with two young Dutch men before embarking on their hike.

The womens’ hosts became worried when their dog returned home later that day when their dog returned home without Kremers and Froon. In addition to this, Froon’s parents stopped receiving texts from their daughter, which they had been receiving daily.

On the morning of April 2, Froon and Kremers missed an appointment with a local guide. On April 3, authorities began aerial searches of the forests and even local residents began searching for the young women.

On April 6, Kremers’ and Froon’s parents arrived in Panama, along with police, dog units, and detectives from the Netherlands, all prepared to conduct a full-scale search of the forest for ten days. They also offered $30,000 reward money for any information on the whereabouts or the fate of their daughters.

The Backpack

Ten weeks later, a local woman turned in a backpack that ended up belonging to Lisanne Froon. She claims that she found the bag in a rice paddy by a riverbank near her village of Alto Romero in the Bocas del Toro region of Panama. She also claimed that it had not been at the paddy the day before.

It was found that the backpack contained two pairs of sunglasses, $38 USD in cash, Froon’s passport, a water bottle, Froon’s camera, two bras, and both of the womens’ phones. All of these items were packed, dry, and in good condition. Research into the womens’ phones showed that for some hours after the start of their hike, someone had dialled 112 (the international emergency number) and 911 (the Panama emergency number).

Date of Call

iPhone 4 (Kremers)

Samsung Galaxy S III (Froon)

1 April

16:39 – attempt 1 (112)

16:51 – attempt 1 (112)

2 April

18:14 – attempt 2 (112)

06:58 – attempt 2 (112)

10:53 – attempt 3 (112 & 911)

3 April

09:33 – attempt 3 (911)

16:00 – check signal 1

13:50 – check signal 1

16:19 – check signal 2

4 April

09:33 – check signal 2

13:42 – check signal 3

no activity

5 April

10:50 – check signal 4

13:37 – check signal 5

04:50 – check signal 3

05:56 – switch on; battery empty; no further activity

6 April

10:26 – check signal 6 (no PIN)

13:37 – check signal 7 (no PIN)

11 April

10:51 – check signal 8 (no PIN)

11:56 – switched off after 1:05 h; no further activity

Further evidence showed that Froon’s camera contained photos from April 1 suggesting that the two women had taken the trail overlooking the Continental Divide and that they had wandered into the wilderness hours before their first attempt to dial 911; the photos showed nothing abnormal or unusual in their expressions.

April 8, ninety flash photos had been taken on the camera between 1.00 and 4.00 am, seemingly deep in the forest and in near-complete darkness.

Some of the most notable photos on the camera were:

  • Some photos with twigs, plastic bags and candy wrappers on top of a rock.
  • One shows what looks like toilet paper and a mirror on another rock.
  • Another shows the back of Kremers’ head with what looks like blood on her temple.

The discovery of Froon’s backpacks led to new searches along Culebra. For example, Kremers’ jean shorts were found zipped up and neatly folded neatly atop a rock on the opposite band of the tributary a few kilometres away from where the backpack had been found. Despite this, witnesses later claimed that that the jeans were not folded neatly but, in fact, found in the river itself.

Two months after this, close to where the backpack was found, a pelvis and a boot were found with a foot still in it. Soon after this, thirty-three widely scattered bones were discovered along the same stretch of river and DNA testing confirmed that the bones did in fact belong to Kremers and Froon.

Froon’s bones still had some skin attached to them but Kremers’ bones appeared to have been leached. A Panamanian forensic anthropologists later claimed that under magnification, ‘there are no discernible scratches of any kind on the bones, neither of natural or cultural origin – there are no marks on the bones at all’.


There are two main theories about what happened to the two girls – either murder or accidental deaths. Both seem to have their fair share of ‘evidence’ to support them.

Accidental Death

One theory is that the girls lost their way whilst hiking. Because of this, it is believed that they could not escape the harsh conditions of the wilderness and somehow fell into the river. The river then dragged the girls and they drowned. It is believed that one girl got hurt or died first, and that this was followed by the other. It is possible that one of the girls was already dead when the ninety flash photos were taken and experts believed that these photos may have been way for the surviving girls to document what had happened to them, almost like a record of events.


The circumstances behind the deaths were rather suspicious  and as well as evaluation, there is a lot of evidence that suggests that the girls were in fact murdered. The local law enforcement did not conduct a serious investigation into the case as they were scared of hurting the tourism.

It was argued that the the bleaching of the bones and the total fragmentation of the bodies did not logically link the case to accidental deaths.

It was noted that the way in which the bodies were treated mirrored how Mexican cartels disposed of their victims’ bodies and experts say that that the girls’ remains have striking similarities.

It is also possible that a serial killer is roaming Boquete are as over two dozens other unsolved killings and disappearances occurred in the same area of Panama over eight years – with more than two thirds of the cases coming since 2014, when Lisanne and Kris went missing.

And that’s all I have for you today folks.

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Paranormal Bucket List: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – 31 Days of Halloween #7

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Day 7, here we go!

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The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a hotel located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles.

It opened on May 15, 1927 and it is the oldest operating hotel in Los Angeles.

It boasts 300 rooms, 63 suites and 2 restaurants distributed over 12 floors and it sits along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Notable suites are the Gable-Lombard penthouse, a 3200 sq. ft duplex with an outdoor deck and is named for Clark Gable and Carole Lombard who used to stay in the room for five dollars a night and the Marilyn Monroe suite, where the actress lived for two years early in her career.

Famous residents at the hotel also include Montgomery Clift, who stayed at the hotel for three months in 1952 during the filming of From Here to Eternity, Shirley Temple, who learned to do her famous stair-step dance routine on the hotel stairs and even Charlie Chaplin.

With a hotel with so much history, it isn’t surprising that the hotel has also had it’s fair share of paranormal reports.

Marilyn Monroe is said to have remained at the hotel after her death and it is said that a mirror that once hung in her room is haunted by her spirit. It has been reported multiple times that guests and staff alike have looked in the mirror and seen the apparition of a young woman with blonde hair standing behind them.

Out of the 12 floors in the hotel, the ninth is believed to be the most active. Guests often report loud, thudding footsteps and unexplained voices and other noises, along with the apparition of Montgomery Clift either being seen in the hallways or heard practising his trumpet.

Some of the most noted paranormal occurrences occur in the hotel’s ballroom. In one corner of the ballroom, it is common for guests to report hearing voices and feeling cold spots. Many guests also report seeing people dancing around the ballroom and sightings of Marilyn Monroe have also been reported, whether she be dancing or posing.

Other reports in the ballroom include a five-year-old girl named Caroline, who is constantly looking for her mother, and the spirits of two men. One of these male spirits is widely believed to be an aspiring actor who had attended on of the Academy Award banquets, hoping to win an award, and the second is said to be an entertainer, who likes to play the piano.

Two of my favourite YouTubers, LoeyLane and Hailey Reese, made multiple series’ investigating the hotel and the evidence that they captured is chilling.

If you find the stories of the spirits at the hotel interesting, you should definitely check out their series’.

Hailey’s Videos: 1, 2, 3

Loey’s Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


DĂ©jĂ  Vu|Collab with BRITTANY GRIMES – 31 Days of Halloween #6

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Welcome to day 6 of my ’31 Days of Halloween’ series.

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I would also like to highlight the fact that today’s post is a collab post with the wonderful Brittney Grimes.

In her video, she shares a CRAZY experience of DĂ©jĂ  Vu that she had and I’mm going to be honest, it gave me CHILLS!

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But without further ado,

Let’s jump into this post…

DĂ©jĂ  Vu is a French phrase that literally translate to ‘already seen’. It is often reported as an instance where an individual feels as if the current event they are experiencing has already occurred, although it hasn’t.

It is reported that around 70% of the world’s population have experienced DĂ©jĂ  Vu to varying levels of intensity, whether that be knowing what someone was going to say next or being able to warn people of upcoming bad fortune. It is has also been found that most incidents occur in individuals aged between 15 and 25 years of age, although it is not know why.

Although there is no definite explanation as to why Déjà Vu occurs, there are many theories including both spiritual and scientific.

There are four main theories about DĂ©jĂ  Vu that I’m going to be talking about in this post and they are:

  1. Parallel Universes
  2. Incorrect Memory Retrieval
  3. Premonitions
  4. Past Lives

1) Parallel Universes

The parallel universe theory of Déjà Vu suggests that the moments that we experience as Déjà Vu are in fact moments being repeated in this timeline that have already occurred in a parallel one.

Theoretical physicists have already claimed that there is a possibility that parallel universes may exist so it isn’t too far-fetched to believe that it may be possible for a parallel version of yourself to experience the same thing you experience and thus, create a feeling that you had experienced something before that you hadn’t…in this timeline anyway.

2) Incorrect Memory Retrieval

This diagram shows how the memory stores in the brain work together:

However, in the theory proposed, something goes wrong between the short-term and long-term memory stores and instead of the information being fed from the short-term memory store to the long-term memory store, it instead goes the other way and is immediately imported to the long-term memory and then ‘retrieved’ as a memory, making the individual believe that they have already experienced the scenario although they haven’t.

3) Premonitions

Most of the time, occurrences of DĂ©jĂ  Vu often stem from dreams that an individual had had prior to the event. Most of the time, however, the individual doesn’t realise that their DĂ©jĂ  Vu stemmed form a dream as it all occurs so quickly. In this case, it is fair to presume that the dream that it stemmed from could be considered a premonition as it would have, in some sense, predicted the future.

4) Past Life Memory

Much like the parallel universe explanation for Déjà Vu, the past life memory explanation says that you have experienced the moment before but not in your current timeline. Instead of a parallel universe, however, this explanation says that he memory comes from a past life, which is defined as a past incarnation.

Personal Experiences:

Unfortunately, I haven’t had any SUPER CRAZY DĂ©jĂ  Vu experiences like Brittany has but I do have a few circumstances that I would like to talk about.

For example, I have had times when I have been able to say what a friend was going to say as they say it, even when it is really obscure and there is no way for me to know it. It is funny, however, to see their faces when this happens.

Another thing that happens to me quite a lot is that there a times when I will be listening to the radio and a song that I have never heard will come on and I will somehow know it pretty much word for word. This is quite bizarre because quite frankly, I despise modern pop music, so for me to know the words is really quite bizarre.

And that’s about all I have for you today.

Make sure you go and check out Brittany’s video and go and follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube.

But until next time guys,

Stay Eerie!



Shadow People – 31 Days of Halloween #2

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So it’s day two of my ’31 Days of Halloween’ series.

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But without further ado,

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Shadow figures.

Often seen from the corner of your eye, shadow figures are described exactly as you would imagine – humanoid-shaped, sometimes three dimensional, black, shadowy masses. These dark silhouettes are often described as male and some are even reported to have fiery red glowing eyes.

Most of these apparitions are harmless and prefer to watch individuals unseen, fleeing at the moment they are seen. Others, on the other hand, bring with them a menacing and malevolent atmosphere.

Reports of shadow figures have been documented all around the world, with an increase in these sightings over the last five-ten years although there is anecdotal evidence of these beings stretches back throughout history.

One of the most disturbing features of shadow figures is that they are often described as having no discernible features and are often described as noting more than a figure, with no further information known.

There are many theories about what shadow figures are, both scientific and non-scientific.

Scientific #1 – Hypnoagagia/Hypnopompia

Reports of shadow figures often carry some similarities with the symptoms of sleep paralysis. For example, many witnesses are in bed at the time of the encounter and have often just woken up or are just falling to sleep. One theory that science proposes is that shadow figures are mos likely to be witnessed at this time due to the individual being in either a hypnoagagia or hypnopompia state. Hypnoagagic state occure just before an individual falls asleep and the hypnopompic state occurs just after they have woken up. The natural processes of the human sleep cycle incorporate an automatic paralysis serving as a deterrent from individuals physically acting out their dreams. The temporary and unpleasant feelings of sleep paralysis can occur when this automatic behaviour either sets in too early or lasts longer that usual. This means that the person is fully aware of their surroundings and yet are completely unable to move. It is also believed that they can see images from their subconscious in their conscious spaces and as such, it isn’t too far fetched to believe that this is where some encounters with shadow figures occur.

Non-Scientific #1

All religions seem to have their own interpretations of shadow figures. In Christianity, they are referred to as demons, in Islam, they are called Djinn and in American Indian beliefs, they are named Sgili. The fact that they are reported in holy scriptures lends to the idea that shadow figures have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Although it is not clear what they exactly are, many people have reported seeing them and the fact that they are in almost all religions’ Holy Books means that their existence is commonly accepted.

Scientific #2

Perhaps shadow figures are simply a result of pareidolia. Many people who encounter shadow figures have said that they witnessed them from the corner of their eye. This area of vision has been determined to be connected with an area of the brain whose main function is to detect and identify familiar patterns. This means hat this part of vision is trying to identify faces and simple, recognisable shapes, such as figures. Although most of these figures may turn out to be a pattern in the light and shadows, they may also be the ‘real’ thing.

Non-Scientific #2

Many believe that shadow figures are not negative energies at all but that they are rather guardians, sent to protect individuals or warn them of upcoming bad fortune. I have heard many stories where and individual would see a shadow figure only to have something negative happen to them afterwards. This suggests to me that, instead of being the cause of the negative event, the figures were in fact trying to warn the individual of the bad luck that was around them.


I put a Tweet up asking people for their experiences with shadow figures and received a lot of replies. I have picked out my favourite stories and am putting them down below. Each author will have their Twitter and YouTube (if applicable) linked above their story.

1. Paranormal Christine

The most memorable experience I had was about five years ago. We just moved int a new house and hadn’t had any experiences. One day I was sitting in the dining room, talking to my cousin on the phone. It was pretty late at night, so there were no lights peeking through the blinds that would cast a shadow. I noticed a shadow figure walk from the very start of the wall to the middle of the floor before disappearing. Even though whatever I witnessed didn’t seem to notice me, it startled me. Whatever it was, didn’t seem to be a shadow from outside. The blinds were closed and it was too dark. It also seemed to be more of a 3-dimensional shape. I thought maybe it was a residual energy but some of my subscribers thought it could be a spirit just passing by.

2. Brittany Grimes

Heeyyy. Soooo… I think the SCARIEST experience I ever had was I was really sick (I was like 15-16) and I shared a room with my two sisters. Our closet had a portal thing in it and we were well aware. So. My bed was in front of the closet, between my bed and the closet, there was a box fan (the fan is really important to this story). Outside of our bedroom, was another bedroom (it used to be mine but the insulation sucked and I was either too hot or too cold). We always slept with our bedroom door opened a cracked. Okay, now that I got the background all set, like I said, I was sick and was tossing and turning. I looked at my iPod around 3 am and I was like crap… I need sleep. So. I lay back down and I’m slowly drifting and I feel my blanket move like someone walked past. So I yelled at my sisters and told them to go to sleep, opened my eyes and the bedroom door was open about 10 inches and I caught a glimpse of a shadow of a person, I look back, they’re gone. Okay… this weird. It’s probably one of my sisters. NOPE. Both of them are passed out in their beds, snoring away. I’m a little creeped out but whatever. I’m laying in bed and I’m staring at the wall/ceiling and I see something moving out of the corner of my eye, I look, nothing’s there. At this point it’s full blown anxiety attack and I just start crying and I’m begging for this to stop. I lay back down, cover my head with my blanket and things seem to stop. So I uncover my head, still crying and I see another shadow walking across my room, when I look, it’s gone; BUT, remember that box fan? It moves about 4 inches forward and apart of the plastic breaks. After that happened, all I remember is passing out and when I woke up in the morning, my youngest sister was like “what happened to the fan?” She was only like 6 or so so I couldn’t tell her what happened, but I told my other sister who was like 12ish and she said that she’s experienced the same type of stuff when it was just those two in the room.

3. Rhiannon

I used to live in an old duplex that was built somewhere around the 30s I believe. It was full of creepy things, but the shadow figures were very disturbing. I believe there were four spirits or entities in the house, three were young boys, and the other was their father. The boys’ shadow figures would do playful things like poke the heads around the corner and disappear when i looked at them directly, which wasn’t terrifying, but mostly confusing. I was a young child myself while this all occurred. Their father was a large black mass that would stalk me at night and I think his spirit liked our hall closet, because I had this sinking feeling every time I walked past it. I woke up one night to the father standing over my bed staring at me I’m guessing, and it was horrifying to 10 year old me. The previous renters had a schizophrenic son, but considering everything that I experienced at that place, I question whether or not he was actually schizophrenic.

4. The Haunted Broadcast

I saw your tweet about shadow figures and thought I’d drop you a message about my experience. It’s probably not much compare to the others you’ll get, but I’ll share anyway. I live in an old rectory. We have the usual knocks, bangs, taps turning themselves on and doors opening. I grew up around this stuff so it doesn’t really bother me and I don’t think twice about it. A little room layout here. Once you open the front door, you have a small room for coats and shoes, a toilet to your right, a library to the left and a hallway in front of you. I had just come home from a late shift, it was around 10:50pm and t here was one light on in the hallway so was pretty dark. After I took my shoes off I looked up at the library door. It was half way open and a shadow figure of a man stood there, peaking round the door. I could see one of his legs, an arm, half a torso and a head. I saw a glint, the same you would get if your glasses caught the light. It took me a moment to realise what I was seeing. I’ve had many paranormal experiences, but I’d never seen a shadow figure before. One I realised I thought “Oh shit!” As soon as I thought that, the figure darted back into the room as if it had thought that same. I turned the light on and looked inside only to find the room empty. There are no other exits in the library.

And that’s all I have to say today guys. I know that this one wasn’t as in depth as my post yesterday but I enjoyed the fact that I got to hear some of YOUR stories.

Thank you so much for reading guys and until next time,

Stay Eerie!


The Soap-Maker of Correggio| Serial Killer Index #1

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Leonarda Cianciulli, better known as the ‘Soap-Maker of Correggio’, was an Italian serial killer active between 1939 and 1940. During this time, she murdered three women in a superstitious pursuit to protect her son, Guiseppe.

Cianciulli was born in Montella on April 14 1894. Not a lot is known about her early life but it is documented that whilst she was still young, Cianciulli tried to commit suicide twice, although her reasoning is unknown. In 1917, she married a registry office clerk name Raffaele Pansardi, despite the fact that her parents disapproved of the marriage as it had been aranged for Leonarda to marry somebody else.

The couple moved to Pansardi’s native town, Lauria, in 1921 and in 1927, Cianciulli was imprisoned for fraud. When she was released, the couple moved to Lacedonia. Unfortunately, their home was destroyed in an earthquake in 1930 and the pair moved again to Correggio, where Cianciulli opened a small shop. She was very popular and was well-respected within their neighbourhood.

Cianciulli had 17 pregnancies during her marriage but lost three to miscarriage and ten others died in their youth. Due to this, she was very protective of her surviving children. This fear was further fuelled by a warning she had received some years earlier from a fortune teller who told her she would marry and have children but that all of her children would die young. Reportedly, she visited another Romani, who practised palm reading, and it is claimed that she told Cianciulli:

In your right hand, I see prison; in your left, a criminal asylum.

In 1939, Cianciulli learnt that her eldest son, Guiseppe, was going to join the Italian army in preparation of World War Two. Guiseppe was her favourite child out of her four remaining kin and she was determined to protect him at all costs. Being superstitious, Cianciulli believed that the only way she could ensure his safety was through human sacrifice and thus, that is what she did.

Cianciulli’s first victim was a woman by the name of Faustina Setti. She had been a lifelong spinster and as it had been reported that Cianciulli was something of a fortune teller herself, Setti had visited her for advice about finding herself a husban. Cianciulli told her of a suitable husband in Pola but requested that nobody know where she was going. Instead, she persuaded Setti to write letters and postcards to relatives, which were to be mailed when she reached Pola to reassure them that everything as okay. Setti visited Cianciulli one last time before her departure and this is when Cianciulli gave her drugged wine and then killed her with an axe and dragged her body into a basin. When later questioned about the murder, Cianciulli said this about Setti’s demise:

I threw the pieces into a pot, added seven kilos of caustic soda, which I had bought to make soap, and stirred the mixture until the pieces dissolved in a thick, dark mush that I poured into several buckets and emptied in a nearby septic tank. As for the blood in the basin, I waited until it had coagulated, dried it in the oven, ground it and mixed it with flour, sugar, chocolate, milk and eggs, as well as a bit of margarine., kneading all the ingredients together. I made lots of crunchy tea cakes and served them to the ladies who came to visit, though Guiseppe and I also ate them.

It is claimed that Cianciulli claimed Setti’s life savings as payment for her services to the woman – 30 000 lire.

Cianciulli’s second victim was Francesca Soavi. Upon going to Cianciulli for advice, Cianciulli claimed to have found her a job at a girls’ school in Piancenza. Agin, though, Cianciulli requested that she did not tell anyone where she was headed and convinced Soavi to write postcards for friends and family, which would be sent from Correggio, detailing her plans. Soavi also visited Cianciulli before she was to leave and again, on 5 September 1940, Soavi was killed in the same manner as Setti. It is claimed that Cianciulli obtaned around 3 000 lire from her second victim.

Cianciulli’s final victim was Virginia Cacioppo, a former soprano singer who was said to have performed at La Scala. Cianciulli claimed to have found her work as a secretary and, as with Setti and Soavi, asked Cacioppo not to tell anyone. Cianciulli then murdered Virginia on 30 September 1940 however, instead of being used only in tea cakes, Cacioppo’s body was also melted and turned into soap:

She ended up in the pot, like the other two…her flesh was fat and white, when it had melted, I added a bottle of cologne, and after a long time on the boil I was able to make some most acceptable creamy soap. I gave bars to neighbours and acquaintances. The cakes, too, were better; that woman was really sweet.

Red flags were waved about Cianciulli by Cacioppo’s sister-in-law, who had grown suspicious about Cacioppo’s sudden disappearance. She reported her fears to the police of Reggio Emilia, who opened an investigation and shortly thereafter arrested Cianciulli.

Primarily, she did not confess to the murders but when the police began to believe that her son Guiseppe had been involved, she quickly confessed, trying to save her son from implications. She was tried in 1946 and remained unrepentant of her actions, even correcting the judge on some fact during the trial.

She grasped the witness-stand rail with oddly delicate hands and calmly set the prosecutor right on certain details. Her deep-set dark eyes gleamed with a wild inner pride as she concluded ‘I gave the copper ladle, which I used to skin the fat off the kettles, to my country, which was so badly in need of any metal during the last days of the war…’

Cianciulli was ultimately found guilty and was sentenced to thirty years in prison with three years in a criminal asylum – the same as the Romani had told her years prior. She eventually died of cerebral apoplexy in the women’s criminal asylum in Pozzuoli on October 15 1970.

Some artefacts from the case, including the murder weapons and the pot that the women were boiled in, are still on display in the Criminological Museum in Rome.



‘They’re Not Human’: My Opinions on the Viral Voicemail Conspiracies

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