Screamfest 2018 – Review

Screamfest UK is an annual Halloween fright night held at National Forest Adventure Farm near Burton-upon-Trent, UK.

I happened to have stumble across a video on YouTube that someone had uploaded of a vlog from last year and I thought it looked really cool so I decided to book tickets for it – which were very reasonably priced as well, might I add.

It hosts five different scare attractions, all of which are based on a different theme. They are:

  • Insomnia – Imagine being stuck in a young child’s nightmare … and not being able to wake up.
  • Love Hurts – Enter and find your true love … just hope you are not one of the ones rejected.
  • Freakout – Enter the funhouse but watch out for the cuckoo clowns.
  • Demonica – You have sinned … and now you must face the realm of Demonica.
  • Dia de los Meurtos – Enter the corn maze for an evening of celebrations … but watch out for the gang members that have broken out of the nearby jail.

The way I’m going to set this out is I’m going to do a brief review of each scare (spoiler free, don’t worry) and then give an overall review of the evening as a whole.

1. Freakout

This was the first attraction that I went through when I got to the farm. Using strobe lighting and smoke machines, the special effects really made for a good scare, along with the demonic looking clowns. Maybe it was just me who thought they looked demonic, because I am petrified of clowns anyway, but I know they made everyone jump multiple times throughout the attraction. They varied from women in face paint to full-on clown costumes with creepy, exaggerated smiles, and this range of scare actors really made the attraction all the more scarier – you had no idea what was going to be around each corner. As with all of the scares, the scare actors weren’t shy about getting right in my face to scare me and boy did it work, haha.

Out of the five attractions I would rate this as a 4/5 as it was definitely fear inducing and set my heart beating 1000x faster than usual.

2. Lovehurts

Lovehurts was the second attraction that I went to. Taking inspiration from all of the reality dating shows on TV at the moment, this attraction was based on ‘finding true love’ in the Sewageworks! Again, the use of strobe lighting and smoke machines really added to the atmosphere and with the use of sprinklers, really made me feel like I was in a dingy sewer. This time, most scares came from loud noises or growls and was definitely spooky! Top it all off with the reveal of the bachelor at the end and it really made for a scary experience.

I would rate this attraction a 2/5 – it was scary but I felt like it just missed the substance that the other attractions had.

3. Insomnia

New for 2018, Insomnia worked on the idea of a young child’s nightmare. Dark, twisting corridors and subtle details added to an overall sense of dread and paranoia within this attraction. Playing on the idea of, once again, clowns and the boogeman, the attraction followed the progression of a nightmare from the dread, to the fear, to the relief when it is all over.

I would rate this attraction a solid 4/5 because it had a good plot that it followed and it was definitely creepy!

4. Dia de los Meurtos

This attraction was definitely my favourite out of all of them! It began with a wagon-rise through the farm to the start of the maze. During the ride, a fake news story sets the scene for the attraction. The scare actors in this one were amazing ad with just the right balance between humour and horror, he mood definitely shifted the further into the maze I went.

I would rate this attraction a 5/5 as it was just so awesome and had so many different elements to it!!

5. Demonica

‘You have sinned and for that, you must now face the realm of Demonica’…

With such a dramatic opening line, I was prepared for a scary experience. Set mostly in the dark, this attraction definitely had an eerie feeling about it! The scare actors wore mask that were, quite frankly, terrifying, and I had a guy walking through the attraction behind me who I did not know but who decided to scare the hell out of me by screaming down my ear – he wasn’t even a scare actor!

I would rate this a 4.5/5 because although it was scary and had some sort of story that it was following, it just didn’t quite compare to the corn maze.

Overall, I would definitely recommend going to Screamfest in October/November 2019. If you like horror, this is definitely a night out that you would enjoy!

And that’s all I have for you today folks.

Until next time,

Stay Eerie!!

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