INTERVIEW with Paranormal Youtuber KYELUH!

Today, I have had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing paranormal YouTuber Kyeluh. She creates awesome paranormal content so you guys should definitely go and check her channel out and show her some love because she really deserves it!

  1. At what age did you become interested in the paranormal?

    There was never one specific day that I became interested in it, and I think that’s because of growing up in a house that was so haunted. I don’t ever remember a time not believing in things that go bump in the night, I always felt a pull to it even though it was terrifying. When there was a scary movie on TV I always wanted to watch it, when adults would tell scary stories I always wanted to hear it. As soon as I was at an age where I had freedom I always wanted to go to cemeteries and look for spooky things to do. It’s just always been an interest!

  2. How did you find out what ghosts were?

    My family was very religious so my mom would always try to explain to me that whatever it was, was evil and that I was protected against it. My family never believed that ghosts were once people but that they were demons. I don’t believe that way now, but I still don’t know what ghosts are. I THINK they’re spirits of people that passed away and I’ll continue to try and search for answers.

  3. What/who inspired you to create a YouTube channel?

    I originally started my channel with a different path in mind because I didn’t know paranormal YouTube was even a thing! I decided to upload a paranormal experience video because I always had things happen and it was Halloween, so I actually found all of my favorite paranormal channels after I had already started posting my own experiences.

  4. Would you go back to the Sallie House to investigate further?

    The energy there was so intense and I know there’s so much more to be explored there. I’d totally go back!

  5. What was it like doing a paranormal investigation with Michael Scot?

    Michael Scot is absolutely incredible, so professional and REAL. He was so wonderful to investigate with and I feel so lucky that I got to hunt with him! His passion for what he does is so contagious and he’s truly someone I look up to in this community.

  6. What is the most convincing piece of paranormal evidence that you, or someone you know, have captured?

    It’s so hard to pick just one, so what I thought about at the top of my head was the whistling and voices some friends and I caught on a digital recorder back in 2012 at the crescent hotel. It was the first time I ever had REAL evidence of something paranormal. It was so exciting!

  7. What are your top 5 favourite horror movies?

    My top 5 favorite horror movies would have to be ‘The Ring’, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘The Visit’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Others’! It’s so hard to just pick 5 though because I also LOVE ‘The Babadook’ and ‘The Sixth Sense’.

  8. What advice would you offer to someone who wanted to start doing paranormal investigations?

    Trust your instinct. That’s the most important thing in paranormal investigations to keep yourself protected. Also, always be respectful to the spirits and your surroundings, and make sure you have permission to investigate or that the location you are hunting is safe.

  9. What is you go-to piece of paranromal investigative equipment?

    This may sound weird, but myself. With all of the paranormal investigation equipment I’ve ever used one of the best has been my own body because I’ve always been super sensitive to it. But when it comes to evidence for other people, having a really sensitive digital recorder is incredible. I’ve caught so many voices on them that my camera did not!

  10. What is your scariest paranormal experience?

    My scariest paranormal experience happened to me when I was a child in my own neighborhood late at night. I told the experience on my channel years ago, and it still scares me to even talk about it. A boyfriend and I were sitting on my front porch and we both saw one of the most confusing things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. It was a green smokey figure across the street from us in my neighbors yard floating in her garden. I never expect anyone to believe me when I mention it because it’s hard to believe it myself even still. My mom saw it as well and none of us were ever able to forget it.

  11. What was it like growing up in a haunted house?

    Terrifying. I always hated nights and could never sleep, so I’d lay awake in my bed wondering if it would be one of those nights where something happened. My sister and I shared a room for years and it was a frequent event for the two of us to hear something and go running to our parents crying. We hated nights in that house and sometimes I remember what it felt like living there and it gives me chills.

  12. How old were you when you had your first paranormal experience and what was it?

    I’m not sure how old I was because I was so young, and I’m not sure which experience is actually my first. It’s either the time I saw the two “boys” while I was playing in my backyard, or when I saw a smokey figure come from behind my bedroom door and disappear. I was so little when those things happened that I’m not entirely sure how old I was at the time.

  13. Have you ever experienced a positive paranormal experience and if so, what was it?

    I have! When we stayed in the crescent hotel in 2012, we got some of the most fascinating evidence communicating with a spirit we believed to be Theodora. She is who I believe kept whistling while we were there and her presence actually felt calming. She also visited the only guy that was with us(she’s known to be drawn to men) and made the entire room smell like perfume.

  14. Have you ever experienced a demonic paranormal experience and if so, what was it?

    I don’t think I’ve experienced anything demonic to my knowledge. But I can’t say I’m complaining!

  15. What reactions do you get when people find out about your interest in the paranormal?

    Most of the time I always got positive reactions when I’d talk about it, maybe some of my friends growing up didn’t like talking about things because it scared them. But for the most part people didn’t seem to judge me for it, at least to my face!

  16. Do you believe in any conspiracy theories and if so, which ones?

    I believe in the 911 conspiracy theories for sure, and that they faked the moon landing. I can’t say I believe the flat earth theory but I did watch a convincing video on it that actually made my head hurt! I kept repeating myself, “Don’t let yourself believe it, Kyla! Don’t be a crazy flat earther!”

  17. Describe your feelings towards the paranormal in one word.


  18. Have you ever seen the apparition of, or felt the presence of, a loved one?

    I haven’t lost many loved ones luckily so no, I haven’t experienced this. My cat recently passed away and I find myself wishing I could have some sort of experience that let me know she was with me, but I haven’t.

  19. If you could make one creature/legend/myth real, which would it be and why?

    Its like I don’t want Bloody Mary to be real but also, I do! I just want to meet her. I’m pretty sure I would have regrets but in my mind it sounds like a great time!

  20. Do you own any haunted items and if you do, have you ever had any experience with them?

    I don’t own any haunted items, but I have a bunch of old porcelain dolls that I used to collect and had set up in my haunted house. There’s this one doll that as a little girl was convinced could see me. Her eyes would glow red if the light hit them just right and she just gave me an odd uncomfortable feeling. I’m not sure why exactly but I kept her and she still creeps me out.

  21. What is the creepiest unsolved mystery you know of and what are your opinions towards the case?

    Elisa Lam! I’ve watched so many videos on her disappearance and it creeps me out so bad what happened to her and how nothing makes any sense. Plus that video of her and the elevator is so creepy! It’s so intriguing because every logical answer about what could have happened to her makes no sense, so it just feels like there was more to it and that it was paranormal.

Thanks for reading guys, I really hope that you guys enjoyed this post!

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Stay Eerie!

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