Déjà Vu|Collab with BRITTANY GRIMES

I would also like to highlight the fact that today’s post is a collab post with the wonderful Brittney Grimes.

In her video, she shares a CRAZY experience of Déjà Vu that she had and I’mm going to be honest, it gave me CHILLS!

If you want to check out her video, click here or check her out on Twitter here – @britgrimesyt .

But without further ado,

Let’s jump into this post…

Déjà Vu is a French phrase that literally translate to ‘already seen’. It is often reported as an instance where an individual feels as if the current event they are experiencing has already occurred, although it hasn’t.

It is reported that around 70% of the world’s population have experienced Déjà Vu to varying levels of intensity, whether that be knowing what someone was going to say next or being able to warn people of upcoming bad fortune. It is has also been found that most incidents occur in individuals aged between 15 and 25 years of age, although it is not know why.

Although there is no definite explanation as to why Déjà Vu occurs, there are many theories including both spiritual and scientific.

There are four main theories about Déjà Vu that I’m going to be talking about in this post and they are:

  1. Parallel Universes
  2. Incorrect Memory Retrieval
  3. Premonitions
  4. Past Lives

1) Parallel Universes

The parallel universe theory of Déjà Vu suggests that the moments that we experience as Déjà Vu are in fact moments being repeated in this timeline that have already occurred in a parallel one.

Theoretical physicists have already claimed that there is a possibility that parallel universes may exist so it isn’t too far-fetched to believe that it may be possible for a parallel version of yourself to experience the same thing you experience and thus, create a feeling that you had experienced something before that you hadn’t…in this timeline anyway.

2) Incorrect Memory Retrieval

This diagram shows how the memory stores in the brain work together:

However, in the theory proposed, something goes wrong between the short-term and long-term memory stores and instead of the information being fed from the short-term memory store to the long-term memory store, it instead goes the other way and is immediately imported to the long-term memory and then ‘retrieved’ as a memory, making the individual believe that they have already experienced the scenario although they haven’t.

3) Premonitions

Most of the time, occurrences of Déjà Vu often stem from dreams that an individual had had prior to the event. Most of the time, however, the individual doesn’t realise that their Déjà Vu stemmed form a dream as it all occurs so quickly. In this case, it is fair to presume that the dream that it stemmed from could be considered a premonition as it would have, in some sense, predicted the future.

4) Past Life Memory

Much like the parallel universe explanation for Déjà Vu, the past life memory explanation says that you have experienced the moment before but not in your current timeline. Instead of a parallel universe, however, this explanation says that he memory comes from a past life, which is defined as a past incarnation.

Personal Experiences:

Unfortunately, I haven’t had any SUPER CRAZY Déjà Vu experiences like Brittany has but I do have a few circumstances that I would like to talk about.

For example, I have had times when I have been able to say what a friend was going to say as they say it, even when it is really obscure and there is no way for me to know it. It is funny, however, to see their faces when this happens.

Another thing that happens to me quite a lot is that there a times when I will be listening to the radio and a song that I have never heard will come on and I will somehow know it pretty much word for word. This is quite bizarre because quite frankly, I despise modern pop music, so for me to know the words is really quite bizarre.

And that’s about all I have for you today.

Make sure you go and check out Brittany’s video and go and follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube.

But until next time guys,

Stay Eerie!




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