‘Dear David’: My Views on the Viral Ghost Story

Hi guys! I hope the new year is treating you all well. I would like to thank you all for your continued support and I would love to hear any creepy stories that you guys have, so leave them in the comments or send them to me via the contact page. Anyways, without further ado, here’s today’s post.

For the past six months, I have been absorbed in a ‘true’ ghost story that has been told in real-time on Twitter. The story began when a New Yorker, by the name of Adam Ellis, uploaded a thread of tweets detailing some weird things that had been going on in his apartment but now, the story has taken a dark turn and people don’t know how to react. The whole thing is too lengthy to explain here and as such, I will put a link to Adam’s Twitter so that you can check it out for yourself and I will also link a Storify he made, detailing the happenings (the reports start on 07-08-2017).

Adam’s Twitter: www.twitter.com/moby_dickhead

Adam’s Storify: https://storify.com/moby_dickhead/dear-david

However, if you do not want to read the tweets for yourself, I will also link a playlist by one of my favourite YouTubers, LoeyLane, where she reads through the tweets and offers her own opinions of the story:

Now today, I would like to share my opinions on what is happening with the whole ‘Dear David’ story, so let’s start.

I would like to quickly preface this by saying that I may refer to some tweets by Adam and that you should definitely read (or watch) the actual story first so that you know what’s happened before you read this.

Okay, so there is a lot of controversy over whether Adam’s story is true or a hoax.

Personally, I like to believe that it is a true story.

The controversy increased when Adam began uploading photos of ‘David’. A lot of people began doubting Adam’s story when the photos were uploaded but I think that that could be down to the fact that the photos are so clear and remarkable that people, especially paranormal investigators, want to dismiss them because of how groundbreaking they are. It sounds counter-intuitive but paranormal investigators work extremely hard to catch evidence of ghosts and the like and it would be understandable if they became slightly infuriated by the fact that an average New Yorker managed to capture stronger evidence by chance than they had through years of dedicated work.

I think the belief that people showed in David being real caused him to manifest physically in Adam’s life. Maybe the tweets began with an ulterior motive to promote Adam’s upcoming book or something like that but I think that the almost cult-like following that the tweets received caused David to manifest in the real world.

This is a theory that is also used to explain the supposed Slenderman sightings of previous years.

Despite the fact that Slenderman is a fictional character, or began as one for the purpose of a photoshop competition, many people have claimed to have seen him and some have even committed crimes in the hopes of becoming one of his ‘proxies’. It is speculated that the almost religious belief in Slenderman ‘s existence put enough dimension into the character that he became real.

This may be what happened in Adam’s case, making David manifest physically such as in the photos Adam uploaded to his Twitter feed. The story started with eerie feelings and an overall sense of wrongness in Adam’s life. This escalated gradually over the past six months; he started having nightmares, then his cats began acting weirdly, then things began falling over and moving around in his apartment and now, David has manifested multiple times and has even followed Adam from New York to Montana.

Many people, along with myself, have been following Adam’s tweets religiously, waiting eagerly for the next update. I propose that it could be this belief and this devotion to the story that has caused things to escalate as rapidly as they have.

A lot of people have been saying that the story has been a way for Adam to gain publicity for either his book, which he has explained is a book of short, funny comic strips and has no connections to the Twitter feed, or Buzzfeed, where he works as a writer. I don’t see either of these as plausible as the ‘Dear David’ thread has been going on for six months. I think that this is a very long to be publicising a book and if people didn’t research, they wouldn’t know that he had written a book anyway as he hasn’t mentioned it at all within the ‘Dear David’ updates. Also, Buzzfeed has it’s fair share of lovers and haters and everyone knows about it so they don’t really require any further publicity.

Overall, I believe that Adam’s story is real. I don’t want to poke holes in it because I feel like I don’t have a right to. Even if the story is fictitious, then kudos to Adam for creating such an immersive tale for people to enjoy. Either way though, I will continue to follow the story and possibly start doing updates if that’s something that you guys would be interested in; leave comments down below.

Anyway, thank you so much you guys for reading this and showing continued support for my blog, I love you all like family.

Make sure to share any eerie stories you have with me either via the comments or by the comments page which is linked to my email.

Until next time guys,

Stay Eerie!


Adam’s Twitter: www.twitter.com/moby_dickhead

Adam’s Storify: https://storify.com/moby_dickhead/dear-david


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